Why Solar?

High Power Bills Got You Down?

Do you dread those hot Arizona months that send your electricity usage through the roof?

There is a better way to power your home or business that actually costs less and is good for the environment.

Solar power is green and efficient energy and the technology is now at a point where it can actually cost less to power your home with solar energy than using your local utility company.

Solar energy is no longer about just helping the environment; it’s about helping your pocketbook, too.

Solar installations used to be limited to special cases. The high cost of installation and the questionable efficiency meant that there needed to be some kind of alternative incentive for a company or individual to install solar panels. They only did so because of a special tax credit or because it was good PR. Those days are long gone. Solar panels today are incredibly efficient and, with the ability to lease your solar power system, you don’t have to pay a dime up front.

There really is no reason to not have a solar power system for your home.