How Your System Works

Solar Panels, each a string of 60-72 solar cells, collect sunshine and create DC (direct current) electricity. The DC power then flows from the panels to an Inverter at which point the inverter will convert this DC electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity in the voltage used in your home.

The inverter then feeds AC electricity to your Breaker Box and this power is available to service electricity needs within your home. If the needs in your home are greater than the electricity supplied by your solar system, then your needs may be partly met by your utility company. Your utility grid connected solar system lets you use either solar electricity, utility company electricity, or a combination of both.

If your solar system generates more electricity than you need, your unused electricity will flow back to the utility grid through your Meter.  If needed, during solar system installation, your meter will be changed so that it can keep a separate record of what electricity you consume from the utility grid and what you supply to the utility grid.

Electricity at Night with No Sunshine

Electricity is instantaneous, so solar electricity is not available at night when the sun doesn’t shine. With your grid connected system, your needs will be met at night by utility grid electricity. If you have supplied unused solar electricity during the day back to the utility grid, you may have credits to offset some or all of the cost of utility grid electricity you have consumed at night.

Battery Storage to Reduce Grid Electricity Use

If the utility company credits you a lower price for your unused solar electricity than they bill you for grid electricity they supply you, batteries are available that can store your used solar electricity for use at night.  This can make solar electricity even more attractive, as home solar battery storage becomes cheaper every year. Your AZ Sun Services Solar Benefits Plan will assess the benefits of battery storage and the best time to consider battery purchase.

I would absolutely recommend working with AZ Sun Services who made the process quick and painless for me!

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