November 2019: Why You Should Buy Your Solar Panel System Instead Of Leasing

What are the differences between owning and leasing your solar system?

When you purchase your solar system, either outright, or after repaying with a solar loan, you own the system. If you lease the system then a third party owns the system.

When you purchase your system you can either pay in cash or you can finance your solar system. When you purchase your solar system in cash you will receive the highest immediate savings. However, if financing your solar system is the better choice for you then we will get the best plan that works for you and you will save money throughout the lifetime of your solar panel system.

But why shouldn’t I lease my solar system?

Leasing might sound like an appealing option for you, but people who lease their solar systems save far less than the people who own their solar systems. Lease payments are usually set to increase on an annual basis. In addition, people who lease their solar system miss out on the federal tax credit and local incentives. Leasing your solar system can also scare away home buyers. If you put your house on the market before the lease is up than you will either have to buy out the lease or the person purchasing your home will have to assume the lease, which a lot of people won’t want to do.

Owning your solar power system will increase the value and marketability of your home. Federal tax credit and local incentives will go to YOU, not the person you are leasing your system through. Here at AZ Sun Services we want to do what is best for you. We don’t offer leasing of solar systems because we know it isn’t the right option for home owners. We want you to be able to save as much as you can with owning your solar panel system.