When you call AZ Sun Services, you set in motion a team of experts, with information gathered on that very first call, preparing a Free Solar Benefits Plan to fit your home.  On that call, you’ll also set an appointment to meet and review your Plan with your expert team’s leader, typically three days out. Your Plan will propose the following plus other options available:

  • Solar system schematic and products to optimize replacement of grid electricity
  • All-inclusive installed system price and benefits statement for life of ownership
  • Multiple NO MONEY DOWN financing options side-by-side comparison
  • End-to-end home survey, permit, install and approval process and schedule
  • FREE material and labor warranties and FREE 3-Year system electricity output guarantee
  • Federal and Arizona Incentive Tax Credits


Your proposed solar system will include equipment selected from a wide variety of options for solar panels, inverters, optimizers, monitors, batteries and mounting systems.  AZ Sun Services recommends only equipment manufactured by industry leaders, proven to be highly reliable, and backed by long-term warranties, typically 20 years or more. Your team is ready to discuss all equipment options considered for your system, and answer questions or get answers to any questions you may have.


After your plan review meeting, if changes are needed, your team will amend the plan for your review.  When you’re ready to start saving, your team leader will prepare a purchase contract and assist you with completing a financing application, if any.  Once your contract is signed and financing approved, AZ Sun Services will get your solar system installed and running typically within six to nine weeks.  AZ Sun Services does all of the work, making home solar quick and easy for you. Here’s what to expect:

  • Week 1-2:  Home surveyed, plan engineered, homeowner plan approval
  • Week 3-4:  City and utility company reviews, approvals and permits
  • Week 5-6:  Equipment ordered and system installation completed
  • Week 7-8:  City and utility company system inspections and approvals
  • Week 8-9:  System and monitoring activated

AZ Sun Services is a fully licensed electrical services provider, with full-time electrician and electrical technician employees.  All connections between your solar system and electrical service panel are performed by AZ Sun Services and included with your system installation.  If for any reason you require additional electrical work, such as a panel upgrade or any other electrical work, AZ Sun Services can perform that work on or before your solar installation.

AZ Sun Services is the best solar company we found.

My husband and I talked to a few solar companies, and found those companies didn’t tell the truth and skirted our concerns, and left out information in their presentation. We never completely understood their answers to our questions, or sometimes our questions were never completely answered. How many of us fully understand the solar business. For example what type of panels are being installed, how efficient are they, will they be placed on the roof for the most efficiency, and will your current service panel supply the necessary voltage required for the system you are looking for. We found all these answers prior to signing any contract with a solar company. AZ Sun Services was up front with us and they answered all our concerns. After the completed installation any additional question we had was fully addressed. After researching, we found APS has AZ Sun Services on a short list of solar companies that use standards and guidelines which puts them above other solar companies. And yes APS is on board with residential solar being installed. My husband and I are very pleased with AZ Sun Services. We highly recommend anyone considering solar, make AZ Sun Services a company you look into. We feel we have a company we can trust. We thank John Campbell and his entire staff for a job well done.