AZ Sun Services currently offers the following special promotions:

FREE Solar Benefits Plan – Value $495

This plan is customized to fit your home, and requires a minimal amount of information from you to prepare.  When you call us, or following your request for a plan, we call you, we will ask questions necessary to prepare your plan. This offer does not require purchase of a solar system, but does require your commitment to an in-home appointment date and time for the presentation of your plan by an AZ Sun Services expert Sales Advisor.

FREE Home Electrical Safety & Service Inspection – Value $495

This inspection is performed by an AZ Sun Services licensed electrician employee.  During the inspection, if you have any questions or electrical needs, please ask. A report will be prepared before the electrician leads, and any additional work requested can be quoted and schedule. This offer requires the purchase of a solar system from AZ Sun Services.

Guaranteed Solar Electricity Production Output for First Three Years – Value $500

AZ Sun Services will guarantee the electricity output of your new solar system as set forth in your AZ Sun Services Solar Benefits Plan for the first three years of operation, with proper use by homeowner.

Charles DeFelice and his team at AZ Sun Services have blown us away with their customer service, caring, and kindness.

We were taken advantage of and left with an incomplete and no longer functioning system from the previous company we were working with.  Charles came in and picked up the pieces for us to help get us back up and running.  He and his team worked closely with the manufacturer Enphase to right our situation.

We couldn’t possibly recommend them with any higher marks!  We will be life long customers of AZ Sun Services for all of our solar needs.  Thanks guys!