The Heat is On—Save Energy and Money with Solar This Summer

Solar energy is picking up steam, especially as the heat moves in for summer. In sunny places like Arizona, rooftop solar is helping people combat the rising energy bills that come when temperatures rise. So, as you pack your pool bags and get ready to spend more time trying to stay cool, there are also things you can do to fight those bigger energy bills that are just around the corner.

Rising Heat, Rising Energy Bills

When it’s hotter outside, your A/C has to work harder to keep your home and your family cool and comfortable. The temperature you set it at has a lot to do with how hard it has to work. The bigger the difference between outside temperatures and the inside temperatures, the harder your system has to work to maintain a balance. Solar panels can offset your energy use especially for large appliances that use more energy, so you can rely less on the local utility company’s ever-increasing rates for traditional energy.

Summer Ready with Solar

Solar is a great way to make your home summer-ready. Installing solar panels on your roof before the hottest days of the year is the best way to maximize your savings and keep your bill low not only when it’s hot out, but all year long.

Most financing for solar comes in at less each month than you’re paying on average to your electric company, regardless of the weather. Every month you can expect to save money, and when your system is paid off, you own your energy free and clear. Solar can significantly reduce your energy bill or eliminate it altogether if your home is 100% solar.

Investing in Your Home with Solar

Home improvement projects hit an all-time high in the summer. Get ahead of the game with a free quote to add solar to your home and secure your job for Arizona’s hottest months. Adding a rooftop solar energy system before summer hits is also an investment in your home that can pay big returns if you’re looking to sell. More homebuyers are valuing energy-efficient or eco-friendly homes, and solar can make your listing stand out. With a solar energy system already installed on your roof, you may be able to raise your asking price and draw in a whole new set of buyers.

And as far as home improvements go, solar offers a return on investment that begins right away, with those lower energy bills, and continues to pay you back over the life of the system.

Start Saving with Solar This Summer

It’s not the heat it’s the humidity! Well, it’s not the solar panel, it’s the installer! Both are important, but getting the right solar energy installation for your home will be key to generating as much clean, affordable energy as possible. How your panels are installed is just as important as the quality of the materials.

Don’t let this summer pass you by without getting your solar energy project going. While our Arizona sun gets hotter and hotter, you could be saving more and more with solar energy.